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Welcome to Prema Care International Limited, where we've been serving you with unwavering dedication for the past 19 years. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to meet the needs of our valued customers around the globe.


Prema Care International Co.,Ltd.

Prema Care is a leading provider of a wide range of products, including creams, dietary supplements, cosmetics, skincare, hand sanitizers, and an array of spa products. We excel in OEM/ODM operations, enabling you to create your own brand of high-quality, standardized products for customers nationwide and in the international market.

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At Prema Care, we understand that every customer demands effective, safe, and quality products. We empower you to have your own brand that adheres to high standards, all under the umbrella of our comprehensive "One Stop Service" concept. We embrace the philosophy, "Your Concept, Your Business: Your Concept, Your Brand."


OEM/ODM Services

Create your own high-quality brand


Innovation Technology

State-of-the-art production capabilities

Quality Control

Central Lab for analysis


Innovative Raw Materials

Carefully selected materials


One-Stop Service

Manufacturing and branding in one place

Global Standards

Adhere to international quality standards


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Privacy Policy

Prema Care International Company Limited, Premier Pharma Supply Company Limited, Prema Care (Thailand) Company Limited and PremaCare Marketing Company Limited ("Company") attach importance to being trusted by customers. The company recognizes the importance of the security of personal information and will keep the information received from customers confidential. The company would like to inform you of the company's policy regarding the privacy of customers or anyone visiting our website as follows:


Visiting the company's website
Customers or anyone can visit the company website. To find information about products and services such as formulas, creams Cosmetic product formulas Dietary supplement formula Promotional information, etc. and can search for information related to companies published on the website per the cookie policy.

The company may update the company website from time to time. And may collect information about the visit to the website of the company such as the number of website users, date, time and duration of visiting the website. Viewing various web pages and more. The company will use this information To develop and improve the company's services To better suit your needs.


Cookie Policy uses cookies or small data files to remember our website visits. Memorize likes and interests for display in accordance with the likes and interests of users. To speed up the display of data To analyze and present advertisements Including for the convenience of providing various services on our website This cookie will be downloaded and stored on the device of the user in order to identify the device of the user. But will not identify the individual user However, the analysis may be done by another person who provides the service or Assigned to act on behalf of such as Google Analytics etc.

When using the service Continuously without changing settings on the internet browser. The user's device will automatically accept cookies. When using the next access Which if the user does not want cookies to collect data Can choose to change the accept setting in the "Settings" section of the toolbar on the internet browser.


Respect the rights of customers' privacy
The company understands that customers need security in their transactions and the collection of personal financial information, so your information you receive will only be used for legitimate business purposes. And the company will implement strict security measures As well as preventing your information from being used without your permission first.


Collection and treatment of personal information
The company will collect And maintain information about you that is needed Depending on the type of service you use through the company website And can use information about you as necessary and appropriate Or as it may be of benefit to you In order to receive offers about the company's services and have the company send information As well as presenting / recommending products, services, benefits And various special offers from the company to you or to design the company's products and services And various special offers Better than ever In order to meet the needs of customers and providing the best service. For you to receive the service Or good financial opportunities The company will collect and use your information to maintain accounts. And your history Or in accordance with the law And various rules Related.

The company will collect your personal information received by the company. Through the provision of information on various documents and online communication channels of the company such as name, surname, date of birth National identification number, Electronic postal address Phone number or fax number As well as business activities Or any of your transactions, which the company will keep those information confidential. In accordance with the company's high security standards.

The company has no policy to send SMS or emails to ask for personal information from you. Therefore, if you receive an SMS or email in the same way Please contact the company immediately at By contacting the company through the menu "Suggestion for Service" of Line Official Account of Prema Care International Company Limited 24 hours or call (66) 808-108-109 during working hours every Monday to Saturday between 8.30 - 17.30 AM.


Disclosure of information to third parties
The company will not disclose information about your account. Or other information Which can be identified as belonging to you and disclose to anyone else And will prevent your information from being used unless.


With your consent

  • Providing the said information is to help you to conduct your desired transaction.
  • Reporting data to private companies Auditors responsible for certifying the company's quality system Or any other similar organization That the company has a duty to report data.
  • Disclosure of that information Be legally Or according to orders of relevant government agencies.


Data confidentiality measures
The company uses security systems that are standard in technology and processes. To prevent the theft of confidential information The company has used both investments. As well as a lot of time and personnel To ensure that the company's website has high standard security Your information will remain secure because the company's computer systems are protected by the following measures.

    The company installs multi-level firewalls that protect your company system and data. To prevent people without rights or permission Not allowing access to the system Or can access the information Which the company uses the Double Firewall Protection system.

    Intrusion Detection
    The company has installed Intrusion Detection Software in order to detect and notify warning messages as soon as abnormal movements occur in the system.

    Virus Scanning
    The company has installed Scan Virus Software on the server to protect the virus effectively. Also being updated regularly.

Although the company has high technology standards and security methods To help prevent access to your personal information You still have to protect your account and personal information to be safe as well.


Maintaining data accuracy

The company always makes every effort to ensure that your account information is always accurate and true. If you find that your account information is incomplete Or incorrect Please contact the company through the menu. Recommend comment on Line Official Account service of Prema Care International Company Limited.


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